Nine weeks of blood and glory
Warsaw Uprising of 1944 day by day.

July 27, 1944 - 5 days before the Uprising

Name day: Julia, Natalia
Sunrise 5:03 am; sunset 8:52 pm; air temperature: 17°C
Heavy clouds, Vistula river level: 123 cm

          The Germans are overcoming the panic. The German police and SS troops, previously evacuated, are returning to the city, public offices are beginning to operate again.
          Motorized German units are starting to gather in the area of Modlin and Młociny (north of Warsaw). German panzer forces are being grouped in Skierniewice and Żyrardów (west of Warsaw).
          The Home Army Command briefing starts at full complement at 10:00 o'clock am. Opinions on taking up the fight are divided. In consultation with the Government Delegate for Poland, the Home Army Commander-in-Chief General Tadeusz Komorowski "Bór" ("The Forest") decides that the battle for Warsaw will be initiated within the next few days. The exact date of the outbreak of the Uprising will depend on the situation on the front and the German maneuvers.
          Around noon Colonel Antoni Chru¶ciel "Monter" ("Assembler"), commander of the City of Warsaw Circuit, holds the last briefing with the commanders of Warsaw counties and the top brass.
          Around 5 pm the German authorities, using megaphones, summon one hundred thousand Warsaw residents aged between 17 and 65 to prepare for fortification works on the Vistula River spanning ten days, beginning on the next day.
          In view of this fact, at 7 o'clock pm Colonel "Monter" gives a mobilization order without consulting the Home Army Command.

          The Red Army captures Garwolin and starts preparing for crossing the Vistula River to its west bank near Magnuszew (south-east of Warsaw).

edited by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Beata Murzyn

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