Nine weeks of blood and glory
Warsaw Uprising of 1944 day by day.

August 11, 1944 - Eleventh day of the Uprising

Name day: Klara, Zuzanna
Sunrise 5:28 am; sunset 8:26 pm; average air temperature: 20°C
Cloudy, low rainfall; Vistula river level: 187 cm

          In Wola the Germans launch a fierce assault and burst into the warehouses on Stawki Street, into Parysowski Square and Muranów. This maneuver threatens to cut "Radosław's" group off from the Old City. The counterattack, led by Lieutenant Colonel "Radosław", successfully pushes the Germans out of Stawki Street. "Radosław" himself, having sustained a few injuries, is transported to a hospital. His brother, Captain Franciszek Mazurkiewicz "Niebora", the commander of the "Miotła" ("Broom") battalion, and Lieutenant Tadeusz Wiwatowski "Olszyna" ("Alder") die in the combat. The command over the group is taken by Major Wacław Janaszek "Bolek". Insurgents losses - 115 killed, 140 injured. The "Miotła" battalion loses 50% of its people.
          The insurgents eventually withdraw from the area of the Wola cemeteries. Recaptured Stawki Street becomes a bastion protruding into the German positions.

          In Ochota the insurgents defending the last outpost of "Wawelska Redoubt" commanded by Second Lieutenant Jerzy Gołębniowski "Stach" leave the positions and Ochota and move to the Staszic Colony using the sewers (becoming the first group of insurgents using the sewers in the Uprising). Next, they force their way through to Śródmieście-South. Executions, rapes and plundering of the civilian population gathered in "Zieleniak" near Grójecka Street are continued.

          In the Old Town Reinefarth's troops launch a concentric attack under the cover of artillery from an armored train and batteries situated on the eastern bank of the Vistula River. The assault is additionally supported by planes, tanks and mortars.

          The radio station "Burza" ("Storm") disappears under the rubble of the Main Post Office.

          In a journal "Warszawianka" issued by the Polish Socialist Party, the Jewish Combat Organization makes an appeal to all the Jews to join the insurgent troops.

          The Military Special Court passes the first death sentence on a Home Army soldier for plundering burning houses at 27 and 29 Królewska Street.

edited by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Beata Murzyn

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