Nine weeks of blood and glory
Warsaw Uprising of 1944 day by day.

August 22, 1944 - Twenty-second day of the Uprising

Name day: Maria, Cezary
Sunrise 5:46 am; sunset 8:03 pm; average air temperature: 20°C
Fine weather during the day, cloudy in the evening; Vistula river level: 95 cm

          On the night of August 21 and 22, the insurgents in Żoliborz make another attempt to connect with the defenders of the Old Town. Nearly 1000 soldiers make their way towards the railway tracks.
          Suddenly, bright flashes from rockets cut across the sky and thousands of missiles fired from bunkers, the armored train, the Citadel, Buraków and the Gdańsk Station explode in the foreground. The firewall is impassable.
          Although small groups of insurgents are able to cross the tracks, the action ends in heavy losses - over 300 dead and injured Polish soldiers.
          The last attempt to come to the relief of the surrounded Old Town ends in failure. The troops withdraw to their positions. These are the bloodiest fights in the whole Uprising.

          The last soldiers from the unit of Captain Władysław Jackowski "Konrad" pull back from the dilapidated Arsenal on Długa Street. They take positions in the Simons' Passage at the corner of Długa and Nalewki Streets. Many other inhabitants of the Old Town also take shelter in the undergrounds of that area.

          Meantime, the insurgents in the Old Town are fighting for every single house. The ring of the encirclement around the district is closing in. The Germans burst into the Arsenal and are advancing along Bielańska, Tłomackie, Nalewki Streets. They control the area from Żoliborska to Gęsia Streets.
          The defense line of the insurgents is now 100 meters from the Old Town Market and 250 meters from the New Town Market.

          The "Chrobry II" troops repel a massive attack on the Bormann factory on Towarowa Street.

          The insurgents capture a German outpost located in the "Cristal" restaurant on Aleje Jerozolimskie, the corner of Bracka Street.

          In the evening, the soldiers of the "Ruczaj" ("Brook") battalion launch an attack on the building of the small PASTa (at 19 Piusa XI Street) in Śródmieście, which they capture early in the morning of the next day, taking into captivity 112 prisoners.

          A new commander from Śródmieście, Lieutenant Colonel Józef Rokicki "Karol", arrives in Mokotów through the sewers. He divides the Sub-district V of Mokotów into Lower and Higher Mokotów.

          General Antoni Chruściel aka "Monter" ("Assembler") gives an order at the occasion of the feast day of Our Lady of Częstochowa on August 26.

          Fearing that the Hungarian troops may fraternize with the insurgents, the Germans order all Hungarian soldiers stationed in the Warsaw outskirts to leave the area.

          The fights in the Falaise and Chambios pockets are coming to an end.

          Romania capitulates to the Red Army.

edited by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Beata Murzyn

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