Nine weeks of blood and glory
Warsaw Uprising of 1944 day by day.

August 24, 1944 - Twenty-fourth day of the Uprising

Name day: Bartłomiej, Jerzy
Sunrise 5:49 am; sunset 7:59 pm; average air temperature: 20°C
Cloudy in the morning; sunny spells later in the day; Vistula river level: 91 cm

          The insurgents repel fierce attacks on the buildings of the Polish Security Printing Works.
          The Germans capture a school in Rybaki and a residential building of the employees of the Polish Security Printing Works.

          Bloody fights are taking place in Saint John of God Hospital on Bonifraterska Street, partly controlled by the Germans and partly by the insurgents.
          Different wings of the hospital are changing hands. Eventually, the insurgents are driven away from parts of the buildings of the hospital.
          Murderous fights are ongoing in the Old Town, where both sides are struggling for every patch of the land, every pile of rubble.

          The Polish troops wipe away the German wedge between the Bank of Poland and the Simons' Passage.

          The insurgents set up the Redoubt of the Holy Virgin in the destroyed tenement house at 27/29 Długa Street.

          The situation of the civil population of the Old Town is tragic. People are suffering from hunger and water scarcity. The epidemy of dysentery is sweeping the district. Those who saved their lives by hiding in dilapidated shelters move to other hide-outs. And so every day.

          The German troops are storming Królewska and Grzybowska Streets.

          The soldiers of the Bełt ("Bolt") group seize the area between Marszałkowska and Poznańska Streets and from Żurawia to Nowogrodzka Streets.

          100 kitchens and 40 aid stations operate in Śródmieście. Some kitchens distribute even a few thousand meals every day.

          The uprising in Paris has come to an end. The troops of the 2nd Armored Division commanded by General Philippe Leclerc enter the city.

edited by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Beata Murzyn

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