Nine weeks of blood and glory
Warsaw Uprising of 1944 day by day.

August 25, 1944 - Twenty-fifth day of the Uprising

Name day: Ludwik, Józef
Sunrise 5:51 am; sunset 7:57 pm; average air temperature: 17°C
Sunny; Vistula river level: 90 cm

          German attacks on the Canoness Sisters Monastery at Theater Square and the "Fiat" Automobile Factory are repelled by the insurgents. The Cathedral is partially demolished.

          After a whole day of fights with the use of tanks, mortars, grenade launchers, flamethrowers and mine throwers, in the evening the Germans are finally able to push the defenders of the Saint John of God Hospital back to the ruins from the direction of Sapieżyńska Street.

          Heavy fights over the buildings of the Polish Security Printing Works are being continued. The Germans capture the school on Rybaki Street.

          The headquarters of the Old Town defense moves to the capitulary of St. Hyacinth's Church on Freta Street.

          German reinforcements of 1500 soldiers join the struggles in the Old Town.

          Around 10 am a missile fired from a heavy railway mortar hits the building at 7 Koźla Street - the seat of the command of the Home Army "Radosław" group, leaving Major Wacław Janaszek "Bolek" and Captain Mieczysław Kurkowski "Sawa" heavily injured in the attack.

          As the Home Army Headquarters is no longer able to command, on the night of August 25 and 26 the commanding officers leave the Old Town and move through the sewers to Śródmieście to the building of the Postal Savings Bank on Świętokrzyska Street.

          On the night of August 24 and 25, the soldiers of the "Kiliński" battalion make breaches in the basement and capture "Café Club" at the corner of Aleje Jerozolimskie and New World Street. 18 enemy soldiers die and 14 are taken captive. As a result, the whole even-numbered side of Aleje Jerozolimskie from New World to Marszałkowska Streets falls into the Polish hands.

          Prime Minister Churchill urges the US government to send planes over Warsaw and to use Soviet airports without the permission of the Soviet authorities.

edited by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Beata Murzyn

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