Nine weeks of blood and glory
Warsaw Uprising of 1944 day by day.

September 29, 1944 - Sixtieth day of the Uprising

Name day: Michał, Gabriel, Rafał
Sunrise 6:49 am; sunset 6:35 pm; average air temperature: 9°C
Slightly cloudy; Vistula river level: 50 cm

          Polish positions in Żoliborz have been under German fire since dawn.
          After an hour of barrage artillery fire, the 19th Panzer Division storms Żoliborz. The Opel factory on Włościańska Street is changing hands, heavy fights are also taking place over the residential blocks of "Zgoda" and "Zimowe Leże" on Słowackiego Street and over the Convent of the Sisters of the Resurrection on Krasińskiego Street, whose defenders lose 200 soldiers.
          Under the pressure of German tanks, the insurgents are pushed out of the "Resurrection Fortress" at the corner of Krasińskiego and Stołeczna Streets, the Opel factory, and the covered market on Słowackiego Street.
          Down south, the Home Army platoon commanded by Second Lieutenant Tadeusz Magier "Żytomirski" engages in a fierce battle with the enemy at the corner of Felińskiego Street and Aleja Wojska Polskiego. The attacking Germans lose 50 soldiers in the combat.
          In intense fights in Żoliborz the Germans suffer heavy casualties, both injured and killed. They also lose nearly 30 tanks.

          In Śródmieście the enemy attempts to capture New World, Książęca Street and Three Crosses Square by surprise. After three hours of fights, the attacks are repelled, while the German forces are pushed back to their initial positions.

          The insurgent troops from Kampinos try to break through the German encirclement, then engage the enemy near the village of Budy-Zosiny near Jaktorów. The battle claims the life of the commander of the group - Major Alfons Kotowski "Okoń" ("Perch").

          General von dem Bach sends a letter to the Uprising Command with a proposition to hold talks to settle the conditions of capitulation.

          The Uprising Command notifies Marshal Rokossovsky about the situation in the left-bank Warsaw.

edited by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Beata Murzyn

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