The mural unveiled in Truskaw - September 2, 2020

          The mural contest in the village of Truskaw (Natalin community) was held under the auspices of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association. The contest's aim was to commemorate the so-called "Truskaw action" - the attack on the SS RONA Assault Division that quartered in Truskaw - which was mounted at night September 2/3, 1944 by the Home Army "Kampinos" troop, the one commanded by Lt. Adolf Pilch a.k.a. "Dolina".

          Nine projects entered the competition. The contest committee voted and chose the best project. The winners became Bartosz Leszczyna and Piotr Możdżeń, members of the "Muralion" group. The winning project gained 43 points, the second place was given to the project prepared by the "Muralion" group, as well (34,5 points), and the third place to Joanna Jarco (31 points). The winners received a prize 5000 PLN and were commissioned to paint the mural.

          All the contestants were given small gifts from the commune authorities.

          After the contest results had been announced, the winning team started to carry out their project.

          At the evening of September 2 in the memorial site of the Truskaw dwellers murdered during the Second World War - nearby the bus terminal in Truskaw the ceremony took place. First, the Holy Mass was offered by Fr. Stanisław Dębicki, the parish priest from Izabelin. Mrs. Patrycja Bykowska, elected chair of village council, opened the ceremony that was then held by colonel Marek Ruszczak, a member of "Grupa Kampinos" from the Worldwide Association of the Home Army Soldiers. The following people attended: the 424th scout squad "Puszcza" from the "Kampinos" group in Izabelin, the Scouts of Europe from Laski and the colour party of the Fire Brigade.

          The mural - first designed and then painted on the facade building nearby the bus terminal by Bartek Leszczyna and Piotr Możdżeń - was ceremoniously unveiled by the families of the soldiers who had fought in the "Truskaw action" and the families of the murdered dwellers of Truskaw. The mural authors were given a commemorative diploma by village mayor Dorota Zmarzlak. The war-time songs enriched the solemnity.

          The contest was organized by the Truskaw village council. The Mazovian Council of Activating Villages provided additional funding. The historical consultants were: Marcin Biegas, chairman of the Board of "Grupa Kampinos" ¦ZŻAK, and Dariusz Gałaszewski PhD, chief of the National Education Office in the Institute of National Remembrance in Warsaw.

compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

pictures taken by: Tomasz Siemiński

translated by: Monika Ałasa

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