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Hozjusza 2 - Żoliborz

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2 Hozjusza Street. The St. Stanisław Kostka church.
The church was started to be built in the year 1930.
During the Warsaw Uprising in the basement of the unfinished church there was the uprising hospital. At the fights for Żoliborz the church was party destroyed.
After the war the building works were continued.

At the church courtyard one can see the sculpture dedicated to the youngest soldiers of the Warsaw Uprising 1944.
Behind the monument there is the memory wall with an inscription "God and Homeland" together with numerous epitaph plates.
On both inner and outer walls of the church there are the following plaques commemorating:
- division general Tadeusz Komorowski a.k.a. "Bór", the commander of the Warsaw Uprising;
- colonel Mieczysław Niedzielski a.k.a. "Żywiciel", the commander of the Home Army 8th infantry division;
- major Adam Rzeszotarski a.k.a. "Rotmistrz Żmija", the commander of the Unit "Żmija" of the Home Army division "Żywiciel" and his wife Lucyna Rzeszotarska, the Home Army soldier a.k.a. "Ewa";
- Witold Pilecki, the Home Army soldier, the participant of the Warsaw Uprising, who was executed in Warsaw in the year 1948;
- the Home Army soldiers from the Nowogródek Unit, also those who fell in the Warsaw Uprising;
- the fallen soldiers of the Home Army 27th Wołyń division;
- the fallen soldiers of the Home Army 228th liaison platoon "Żywiciel";
- the fallen and dead soldiers of 234th and 215th platoons of the Home Army Unit "Żyrafa II";
- the fallen soldiers of the Home Army Combat Organisation Wschód who fought in the Warsaw Uprising in squad "Narocz" - the scout battalion "Parasol";
- the inhabitants of Żoliborz who were victims of the occupation and the Warsaw Uprising.
Inside the church and on the outer memory wall behind the sculpture there are several dozens of epitath plates of the fallen and killed in the Warsaw Uprising.

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written by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz
pictures taken by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz
translated by: Monika Ałasa

Copyright © 2017 Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz. All rights reserved.