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10 Freta street - the Old Town

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10 Freta street. A commemorating plaque on a bell tower of the St. Jack church is to be found on the right hand of the entrance. It was unveiled on September 26, 2021, on the 77th anniversary of the day the church had been bombed during the Warsaw Uprising.
The inscription on the plaque is bilingual: Polish and English,

A branch of the Central Insurgent Surgical Hospital was located here, in the basement of the St. Jack Church at 10 Freta Street, in August 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising.
The church was bombarded by German troops on August 26, 1944. As the result of the bombing and artillery fire, more than one thousand people - patients of the hospital and civilians seeking shelter - lost their lives in the ruins.
German SS units attacked the church on September 2, 1944. They set fire to the remains of the buildings and the monastery which housed an orphanage. Its staff and seriously injured patients of the hospital were executed.
The monastery served as the headquarters of the "North" Group commander, Col. Karol "Wachnowski" Ziemski who led the defense of the Old Town from August 7 to September 1, 1944.

The victims were identified only in fractional amount.
Some part of one thousand killed people were exhumed after WW II and then buried in cemeteries, the Wola Cemetery included. Some have not been unearthed yet.

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compiled by: Maciej and Piotr Janaszek-Seydlitz

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