Stanisław Sedlaczek's roundabout - Powiśle

         This mural painting is located on the prop's wall of the Łazienkowska Route by the roundabout named after Stanisław Sedlaczek.
         The above-mentioned roundabout is the crossing of the following streets: Łazienkowska, Myśliwiecka and Rozbrat. Above there is the Łazienkowska Route. The roundabout's patron created the underground Polish Scouting during WW II. A prisoner of the Pawiak prison, he died in the Auschwitz concentration camp.
         Twelve props of the Łazienkowska Route were meant to be the place of graffiti art in a legal way. At the Street Art Doping festival In the year 2009 tens murals of various themes were painted there.
         On the prop's wall directly by the roundabout the mural dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising was made. Against the background of this painting one can notice white Fighting Poland anchors as well as white figures and short descriptions of each. Among them there are the heroes of the war and Uprising time, including the following scouts:
         - Zbyszek Banaś a.k.a. "Banan" - a 16-year-old letter-carrier of the Scout Field Post, a liaison in the Warsaw Uprising, who died on August 17, 1944 in the area of the Red Cross hospital in the Smolna street,
         - Jerzy Czajkowski a.k.a. "Niszczyciel" - one of the youngest soldiers of the Warsaw Uprising, a liaison of the Grey Regiments, a letter-carrier of the Scout Field Post,
         - Tadeusz Krzyżewicz a.k.a. "Buzdygan" - a scoutmaster, a member of the Attack Groups, he actively participated in the Arsenal Action as a member of the 3-person-section "Sten II". During this brave action he was severely wounded and died,
         - Stanisław Broniewski a.k.a. "Orsza", the Grey Regiments' leader, the Arsenal Action's commander, an author of a book about the Grey Regiments entitled, "Całym życiem" ("With all my life"),
         - Krystyna Niżyńska a.k.a. "Zakurzona" - one of the youngest female soldiers of the Warsaw Uprising, a 16-year-old nurse of the Home Army "Zośka" scout battalion, murdered by Germans after the fall of the Czerniaków district.
         Time lag made the mural visibly worsen.
         Nearby the place of the current Stanisław Sedlaczek's roundabout the "Kryska" Home Army battalions "Tur" and "Tum" were fighting during the Warsaw Uprising.

compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

pictures taken by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Monika Ałasa

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