The photo report of the solemnity of giving the 41st Primary school with Integration Classes in Warsaw
the name of the Home Army Soldiers of the "Krybar" group - 8 Drewniana street, June 12, 2018

          The Home Army soldiers of the "Krybar" group are the patrons of the school in the 8 Drewniana street.
          On June 12, 2018 in the school situated in the 8 Drewniana street in Warsaw there occured the solemnity of changing its patron. So far the school had been named after Stanisław Staszic and from now on its full name is as follows, the 41st Primary school with Integration Classes in Warsaw named after the Home Army Soldiers of the "Krybar" group.


          The solemnity gathered the soldiers of "Krybar": Lucyna Buraczewska-Stadnicka (in the year 1944 Borkowska) a.k.a. "Żaba", Halina Koseska a.k.a. "Ala", Jerzy Gaździcki a.k.a. "Gołąb", Wiesław Gniazdowski a.k.a. "Wiesiek", Ryszard Stawierej a.k.a. "Bladolicy", Andrzej Tomaszewski a.k.a. "Andrzej" and Edward Żółciński a.k.a. "Korsarz" as well as, among the others, the chairman of the World Association of the Home Army soldiers Leszek Żukowski a.k.a. "Antek", the soldier of the Home Army battalion "Łukasiński", once a student of that school bishop of the Warsaw Archidiocese Fr. Rafał Markowski, the authorities of the City Centre district together with ith mayor Krzysztof Czubaszek and the president of the Education Committee Paweł Martofel, representatives of the Combatants and Persecuted Persons Bureau, the chairman of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association Maciej Białecki, insurgents' families and parents, graduates and students of the school.
          One of important elements of of the event was giving the headmistress Beata Ostałowska a new banner, founded by the parents, followed by the students' swearing an oath.
          In an artistic part of the event the students performed the scenes from the life of the soldiers of "Krybar", which ended by inviting the combatants to join the young people on the stage.


          The Act of the City of Warsaw concerning this subject matter was agreed upon on April 19, 2018, followed by consensual decision of the teachers, the parents and the students, supported by the Home Army soldiers of the "Krybar" group. Till that time such a name had been given to one and only school in Poland - the 40th secondary school situated in the same building in the Drewniana street that create the 69th Complex School. The fact that secondary schools will finish their existence soon made the primary school "take" the same patron.
          The soldiers of "Krybar" have cooperated with the Drewniana school for years. They participate in solemnities at school and the memory places, they meet students during lessons, competitions, Christmas Eve meetings, feasts and voluntary groups get-togethers. Many "Krybar" soldiers are the school graduates. Its building was on the area of their activity during the Uprising. Thanks to their initiative the school was awarded with a medal "Pro Patria" in the year 2014.
          The co-organizer of the event and its scenario's co-author was the school teacher Ewa Furmańska, the secretary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association.
          During the Warsaw Uprising in the building of the 8 Drewniana school an insurgent field hospital was situated. In the first days of September 1944 the hospital was evacuated and was still open on the area captured by Germans. On September 27, 1944 SS-soldiers forced their way into the hospital and murdered the wounded that were staying there. The plaque on the building (from the Dobra street) informs of that.

written by: Maciej Białecki

compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

pictures taken by: the 41st Primary school

translation: Monika Ałasa

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