The photo report of the Third Edition of the Inter-district School Competition for the students of Warsaw primary and secondary schools entitled "Me, the soldier of the Uprising" - 2017

          Two subsequent editions of Inter-district School Competition entitled "Me, the soldier of the Uprising" arouse great interest among the youth and teachers. This made the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association continue the project in the school year 2017/2018.
          Due to the teachers' requests the date of the competition was moved to autumn 2017. The end of each school year is filled with various projects, which makes it difficult to best prepare to the competition.

          The Third Edition of the competition devoted to the Warsaw Uprising 1944 entitled "Me, the soldier of the Uprising" was announced in September 2017.
          Like in previous editions, the aim of the competition was to popularize the heroic behaviour of the soldiers of the Uprising, encouraging to read the insurgent memories placed in both the "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" and the SPPW website, to use the archives of the Warsaw Uprising Museum and to participate in the meetings "The Witnesses of the History" in the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Concurrently, the competition was to promote the high culture of a spoken word, to develop oratorical talents of a Young generation and to teach the rivalry in a friendly atmosphere.
          The competition was addressed to the pupils of Warsaw schools, divided into two age groups:
          - classes 4-7 of primary schools,
          - classes 2-3 of secondary schools.
          Each contestant had to prepare a short monodrama related to a chosen person: a soldier of one of insurgent unit, an orderly, a liaison, a young scout-soldier of the Grey Regiments, or a young scout-boy delivering the insurgent post mail. Participants were supposed to choose a role of a certain person and play a role of them (the scenario based on real memories). The presentation was to last not more than 4-7 minutes.
          The rules of the competition were prepared by Mrs. Maria Poprawa, the member of the SPPW 1944 management, the Polish philologist and historian of the 118 Primary School in Warsaw named after the Friends of Mazovia.
          The deadline was October 4, 2017.
          All in all, 22 participants from five primary schools and one secondary school registered.

          The students, the competition participants, chose to play the roles of:

          1. Kazimierz Abramczyk a.k.a. "Kazik", the Home Army district "Żywiciel"
          2. Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński a.k.a. "Krzy¶", the Home Army battalion "Parasol"
          3. Edmund Baranowski a.k.a. "Jur", the Home Army battalion "Miotła"
          4. Mirosław Biernacki a.k.a. "Generał", the Home Army group "Chrobry II"
          5. Zofia Czekalska a.k.a. "Sosenka", the Home Army group "Chrobry II"
          6. Barbara Gancarczyk- Piotrowska a.k.a. "Paj±k", the Home Army battalion "Wigry"
          7. Wiesław Gniazdowski a.k.a. "Wiesiek", the Home Army group "Krybar"
          8. Jerzy Witold Grzywacz a.k.a. "Tapir", the Home Army group "Krybar"
          9. Halina Jędrzejewska a.k.a. Sławka", the Home Army battalion "Miotła"
          10. Bogusław Kamala a.k.a. "Hipek", the Home Army group "Żyrafa"
          11. Jolanta Kolczyńska a.k.a. "Klara", the Home Army group "Chrobry II"
          12. Witold Konecki a.k.a. "Sulima", the Home Army battalion "Chrobry I"
          13. Irena Łagodzka a.k.a. "Irena", the Home Army group "Chrobry II"
          14. Władysław Mroczkowski a.k.a. "Mrówka", the Home Army group "Krybar"
          15. Danuta Szlachetko a.k.a. "Wira", the Grey Regiments
          16. Balbina Szymańska- Ignaczewska a.k.a. "Basia", the Home Army battalion "Oaza"
          17. Eugeniusz Tyrajski a.k.a. ps. "Sęk", the Home Army regiment "Baszta"
          18. Jadwiga Wasiluk a.k.a. "Jaga", the Home Army battalion "Sokół"

          On November 15, 2017 in the exhibition room in the 22 Długa street in Warsaw the examination of the contestants occurred.

          The Jury of the competition:

          Mr. Maciej Janaszek - Seydlitz - the president of the Jury, the honorary chairman of SPPW 1944,
          Mr. Eugeniusz Tyrajski - the Warsaw insurgent, the member of the Warsaw Insurgents' Association management,
          Mrs. Cecylia Steczkowska - the artist who is active in the sphere of commemorating the heroism of the Insurgents.

from the left: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz, Cecylia Steczkowska and Eugeniusz Tyrajski

          While evaluating, the Jury considered the following:
          - presenting of a chosen person - composition and oratorical talent,
          - esthetics and uniqueness of garment and presenting it,
          - general artistic impression - choise of stage props and music, etc.

          The Jury decided to honour the participants in two age groups: the older one (classes 6-7 of primary schools and class 2 of secondary school) and the younger one (classes 4-5 of primary schools).
          After the long discussion the Jury decided to award the following contestants:

          The older age group:
          1st place
          Weronika von Lonski, SP 26
          2nd place
          Joanna Nosal, SP 26
          Jerzy Tarkowski, SP 118
          3rd place
          Tomasz Kayed, SP 211

          The younger age group:
          1st place
          Igor Kempa, SP 26
          2nd place
          Maria Ochnio, SP 118
          3rd place
          Stanisław Małek, SP 41

          The majority of laureates presented the high-quality performances. Real impressive was reciting long and complicated texts by children aged 10-11 (some pupils of class 4 were 9 years old !!!).

          Congratulations go to Mrs. Anna Kozłowska, the teacher from the 26 Primary school named after Mirosław Biernacki as she prepared her students in a perfect ways. This school joined the second edition, too but now its students got first places.

          On November 28, 2017 in the exhibition room in the 22 Długa street in Warsaw the awards and honourable awards: Empik vouchers and commemorative diplomas were handed over to the laureates by: Mr. Eugeniusz Tyrajski a.k.a. "Sęk", the member of the Warsaw Insurgents Association management, Mr. Maciej Białecki, the SPPW 1944 chairman, and Mrs. Cecylia Steczkowska, the member of the SPPW 1944. The awards were founded by Mrs. Joanna Runge- Lissowska, the SPPW 1944 member, and by the SPPW 1944.

Eugeniusz Tyrajski is pitting by the table,
from the left are standing: Anna Kozłowska, Maria Poprawa, Cecylia Steczkowska, Joanna Runge-Lissowska, second from the right: Maciej Białecki

          The teachers of the laureates also received book awards and commemorative diplomas.
          Everybody was given the "Notebooks" issues 9 and 10, as well.

          Likewise during the first editio of the competition the television team of TVP 3 appeared at the ceremony. Weronika von Lonski (class 7), the 1st place winner presented herself as Zofii Czekalska a.k.a. "Sosenka", whereas the winner of the younger age group - Igor Kempa (class 5) played a role of Mirosław Biernacki a.k.a. "Generał", after whom his school had been named/ The TV journalist hardly hid emotions. Interviews were made with the competition author Mrs. Maria Poprawa and with Maciej Białecki.

          The competition undoubtedly raised the state of knowledge about the Warsaw Uprising 1944 among the Warsaw youth. Its participants proved an interesting and mature way of presenting the chosen heroes.

compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translation: Monika Ałasa

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