Map of Warsaw Uprising 1944 Memory Places

         The Interactive Map of Warsaw Uprising Memory documents the places bound up with the Warsaw Uprising that are spread all over the city. It was prepared basing on the map "Places of Memory of Warsaw Uprising" issued by The City of Warsaw Promotion Department on the 60-th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.
         The basic material was supplemented with new commemorating plates and monuments that were not marked in the above publication.
         The layout and construction of the map allow comfortable journey through the districts of Warsaw. The map will be verified and mastered.



         When walking through Warsaw, sometimes one notices strange inconsistencies. The streets end just to continue in some other place, one can read about the houses standing by the non-existing streets and places. This is not the coincidence, it is the visible memory of the events from 60 years back in history. Warsaw has changed for ever after the World War II. Some parks and squares in Wola, Czerniakow, Powisle and Srodmiescie are in fact the cemeteries of exterminated districts of the city. At one time, they were full of life streets and squares. Now, the grass fields host only the boards in memory of the shot civilians and the points of resistance during the Uprising.
         Over 140 years ago, the inhabitants of Krakow have raised Kopiec Kosciuszki (Kosciuszki Mound) at the Sikorki hill near the city to commemorate the Kosciuszko Insurrection. It was raised from the soil of the fields of the suburbs of Krakow and from the battlefields of the Kosciuszko Insurection.
         In Warsaw the Mound of the Warsaw Uprising is located at Bartycka Street in Czerniakow. Up to this day as a consequence of the marginalization of the memory of the Warsaw Uprising it is named Kopiec Czerniakowski (Czerniakow Mound). It was raised from debris of demolished Warsaw districts that were very precisely exterminated by Nazis during the 3 months following the Uprising's collapse. This was the result of insane Himmler's order to exterminate the rebellious capital of Poland. In fact the mound is one more Warsaw's cemetery - the cemetery of the murdered city.

Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz
translated by Katarzyna Ostap-Tomann

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