The photo report of the event to promote
the "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" issues 5 and 6 in the year 2015

          In the year 2015 the Project of publishing the "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" once started by the SPPW 1944 Association was being continued. The funds from the City of Warsaw allowed to publish the "Notebooks" issues 5 and 6.
          On December 7, 2015 there was the solemn ceremony to promote the "Notebooks". The meeting took place in the Room under the Liberator in the Warsaw Uprising Museum in the 79 Grzybowska street.

          The solemn meeting was honoured by the presence of few authors of the memories as well as the representatives of the Warsaw Insurgents Association: vice-chairmen Mrs. Halina Jędrzejewska a.k.a. "Sławka" and Mr. Zbigniew Galperyn a.k.a. "Antek".

in the middle of the Picture: Mrs. Halina Jędrzejewska, on the right side: Mr. Zbigniew Galperyn

          The ceremony was initiated by the SPPW 1944 chairman Mr. Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz who welcomed all the guests and described the history of publishing the "Notebooks."

          Next, pupils of the Primary School number 118 named after the Friends of Mazovia presented the spectacle entitled "The Proud City - Warsaw'44".
          It was prepared by the teachers: Mrs. Maria Poprawa, the Polish philologist and historian, the member of our Association's management, and Mrs. Beata Lange, the historian and musician.





          The interesting performance was welcomed with great applause. The combatants could not hide their being touched to tears. The authors of the performance deserved the applause.           The SPPW 1944 chairman thanked the teachers by giving them a bunch of flowers.


          After the artistic part the authors of memories-reports were invited to sit by the main table. The editor of the "Notebooks" issues 5 and 6, the member of SPPW 1944, Mr. Piotr ¦miłowicz explained the method of choosing their content.


          In the issue 5 one can find the texts based on the original diaries written during the Warsaw Uprising. These contain the reports of: Mr. Janusz Gundermana a.k.a. "Janusz" from the Home Army battalion "Gustaw-Harna¶", Mrs. Henryka Zarzycka-Dziakowska a.k.a. "Władka" from the Home Army scout battalion "Parasol" and Mr. Janusz Harmerliński a.k.a. "Morski" from the Home Army battalion "Kiliński".
          The content of this "Notebook" was completed by three poems awarded in the literary contest "Placówka '44" that took place at the time of the Uprising.


          The issue 6 was edited in order to show the specificity of different places of the insurgent fights. Here one can read the reports of Mr. Eugeniusz Tyrajski a.k.a. "Sęk" and Mr. Wojciech Militz a.k.a. "Bystry", both from the Home Army regiment "Baszta" from Mokotów, Mr. Jerzy Lisiecki a.k.a. "Jerzy II" from the Home Army battalion "Ruczaj" and the Home Army battalion "Harna¶" from the City Centre as well as Mrs. Janina Gruszczyńska-Jasiak a.k.a. "Janka" from the scout battalion "Wigry" from the Old Town. The touching report of the orderly from the Old Town is a direct reference to the history of her friend Mrs. Barbara Gancarczyk-Piotrowska a.k.a. "Paj±k", whose memories had been published in the issue 4.
          Likewise in the previous issues the reports are together with the insurgent poems.
          We could see and listen to: Mrs. Henryka Zarzycka-Dziakowska, Mrs. Barbara Gancarczyk-Piotrowska, Mrs. Pola Cudna-Kowalska and Mr. Eugeniusz Tyrajski. Mrs. Barbara Gancarczyk-Piotrowska represented her friend Mrs. Janina Gruszczyńska-Jasiak who lives in Poznań and because of her state of health was not able to join the event.

from the left side: Mrs. Pola Cudna-Kowalska, Mrs. Barbara Gancarczyk-Piotrowska, Mr. Eugeniusz Tyrajski and Mrs. Henryka Zarzycka-Dziakowska

          The reports' authors got flowers from the pupils.



          Presenting the honourable guests and describing the "Notebooks" were followed by the Cremony of awarding the most active members of the SPPW 1944 Associations. They were given the commemorative medals of the Warsaw Uprising.



          The medals were being handed over by the combatants, members of the Warsaw Insurgents' Association. Flowers were also given.


          Afterwards, the meeting with the reports' authors took place. The guests would answer the questions asked by the audience.


          Each participant of the event was given both issues of the "Notebooks". It was the best opportunity to get the books as they are published in the number of c. 950 free issues aimed at schools and libraries. For individuals there are only some left.
          Soon a long queue of people willing to get autographs appeared. The organizers encouraged the participants to help themselves and have some sweet refreshments.



          Both the insurgents and the meeting's participants appraised the event.

compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translation: Monika Ałasa

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