The photo report of the event to promote the "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" issues 7 and 8 in the year 2017

          In the year 2016 the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association published the "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" issues 7 and 8. It was possible thanks to financial help of the City of Warsaw.
          On January 31, 2017 in the Room under Liberator in the Warsaw Uprising Museum (the 79 Grzybowska street in Warsaw) there happened the solemn event to promote the "Notebooks".

          Honorable guests, those who were in Warsaw during the Uprising in 1944, joined the meeting: Eugeniusz Tyrajski a.k.a. "Sęk", the soldier of the Home Army regiment "Baszta", and the vice-chairman of the Warsaw Insurgents Association, Janina Mańkowska, the child of the uprising Wola district, and the SPPW 1944 member, Janusz Wałkuski, the author of one of the reports in the "Notebook" issue 8, and the SPPW 1944 member, Maria Tulo-Dziwulska, the author of the report in the "Notebook" issue 8, and Wanda Nowakowska, the wife of Marek T. Nowakowski

on the left-hand photo: the second from the right: Janina Mańkowska, next Wanda Nowakowska, Eugeniusz Tyrajski and Maria Tulo-Dziewulska; on the right-hand photo: Janusz Wałkuski

          The meeting was initiated by the SPPW 1944 chairman Maciej Białecki. He shortly described how the subsequent "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" had been created.

          It is our tradition that each event to promote the subsequent "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" is organized with help of the pupils of the Primary School number 118 named after the Friends of Mazovia who show the appropriate performance. This time it was the Christmas play "Heaven wins 1:0". The actors were pupils from the Young Actor Academy, the choir "Wiolinki" and the pupils of classes 2a and 2c.





          The artistic performance was prepared by the teachers from the 118 Primary school: Mrs. Maria Poprawa, the Polish philologist and historian, the vice-chairman of the SPPW 1944, and Mrs. Beata Lange, the historian and musician, as well as Mrs Monika Gryszkiewicz and Mrs. Paulina Mikulska, the form teachers of young actors from classes 2a and 2c.

from the left: Paulina Mikulska, Monika Gryszkiewicz, Maria Poprawa and Beata Lange

          The interesting performance was welcomed with great applause.
          After the Christmas play, in order to introduce the solemn atmosphere, two young laureates of the Patriotic Song Competition Karolina Gapieniuk and Jurek Tarkowski sang insurgent songs.


          The presentation of the "Notebooks" followed. The editor of the issues 7 and 8, the member of the SPPW 1944 management Piotr Śmiłowicz, explained the choice of the content of both books.


          In the issue 7 one can find two insurgent reports, i.e. memories of Marek Tadeusz Nowakowski and Leon Kopelman. From extensive memories of Marek T. Nowakowski only their short part was chosen to be published. The memories by Leon Kopelman who survived from the Warsaw ghetto and then fought in the Warsaw Uprising, are also interesting. Both reports are to be found at the website The wife of late Marek T. Nowakowski joined the event.


          The "Notebook" issue 8 is unique as it contains the memories of the Uprising written by a child. Children along with adult people were affected by nightmare of fights and bombing. Some of them actively fought. So, the content of this issue consists of the reports by: Witold Konecki, Krzysztof Jaworski, Mirosław Tadeusz Śmiłowicz, Janusz Wałkuski and Maria Tulo-Dziewulska. Most of the published reports are put at the website One of the authors, Witold Konecki, is not alive, unfortunately. Maria Tulo-Dziewulska and Janusz Wałkuski were present in the meeting.
          Eugeniusz Tyrajski i Janusz Wałkuski shared their reflections about the Uprising.


          Each participant of the event was given both issues of the "Notebooks".

          It was the best opportunity to get the books as they are published in the number of c. 900 free issues aimed at schools and libraries, as well as the participants of competitions organized by the SPPW 1944 and their teachers. For individuals there are only some left.
          A long queue of people willing to get autographs of Maria Tulo-Dziewulska and Janusz Wałkuski was created.


          In the end the organizers encouraged the participants to help themselves and have some sweet refreshments.
          Both the honorable guests and other meeting's participants appraised the event.

compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translation: Monika Ałasa

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