The photo report of the event to promote the "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" issues 9 and 10 - 2017.

          In the year 2017 the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association published further issues of the "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" - issues 9 and 10. The funds from the City of Warsaw allowed to achieve that.
          On August 29, 2017 there was the solemn ceremony to promote the "Notebooks". The meeting took place in the Room under the Liberator in the Warsaw Uprising Museum in the 79 Grzybowska street.

          The solemn meeting was honoured by the presence of those who survived in Warsaw during the Uprising 1944, be it children or the Home Army soldiers. Among the others there were the insurgents: Mr. Andrzej Danysz a.k.a. "Filozof", the author of one of the published reports, Mr. Zbigniew Galperyn a.k.a. "Antek", the vice-chairman of the Warsaw Insurgents Association and Mrs. Jolanta Kolczyńska a.k.a. "Klara", the honorary chairman of the SPPW 1944. These were also the authors of the published texts, children at the Uprising time Jan Eljaszewicz, Jadwiga Leszczyńska and Barbara Rumianek.

from the left: Zbigniew Galperyn, Jolanta Kolczyńska; secondo from the right: Andrzej Danysz

          The meeting was initiated by the SPPW 1944 chairman Maciej Białecki. He shortly described the few-year-long history of how the subsequent "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" had been created.

          It is our tradition that each event to promote the subsequent "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising" is preceded by the artistic performance. This time a singer Cecylia Steczkowskiej, the member of our Association, played the concert entitled "The charm of the memories". Her repertoire included also Warsaw pre-war songs The performance was Welcomed with ovation.

          It was followed by presenting the "Notebooks". The editor of the "Notebooks" issues 9 and 10, the member of SPPW 1944, Mr. Piotr Śmiłowicz explained the method of choosing their content.


          The main theme of the issue 9 is the insurgent medical aid. All the authors of the published reports actively helped the wounded. Aleksandra Cieciura, Zofia Jastrzębska-Kowalewska and Maria Szydluk were orderlies, whereas Andrzej Danysz not only fought but also helped the wounded as a student of medicine.


          The issue 10 is another, likewise the issue 8, record of civilians' experience. Some of the authors: August Dobiecki, Jan Eljaszewicz and Barbara Rumianek were children during the Uprising. Their memories are believed to be extremely touching.
          Jan Eljaszewicz, Jadwiga Leszczyńska and Barbara Rumianek shared their reflections.

from the left: Barbara Rumianek, Jan Eliaszewicz and Jadwiga Leszczyńska

          Andrzej Danysz, due to his state of health, unfortunately could not be present till the end of the meeting.
          The participants listened to the authors' memories attentively.

          Each participant of the event was given both issues of the "Notebooks". It was the best opportunity to get the books as they are published in the number of c. 900 free issues aimed at schools and libraries. For individuals there are only some left.
          A long queue of people willing to get autographs from three authors was visible afterwards.


          In the end the organizers encouraged the participants to help themselves and have some sweet refreshments.
          Both the honourable guests and other meeting's participants appraised the event.

compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

pictures taken by: Piotr Śmiłowicz

translation: Monika Ałasa

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