The photo report of the course of the educational game "Traces of the Warsaw Uprising" - 2017.

          On Wednesday, October 25, 2017 r. on the area of the 26th School Complex in the 3 Urbanistów street in Warsaw young people could play the educational game entitled "Traces of the Warsaw Uprising".
          The organizers of the Competition based on the "Patriotic Communications game" were: the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association and the 26th School Complex.

Halina Grabowska, the organizer of the game, the teacher

          It was the first event within the First Warsaw Educational Week. Its guests were two insurgents - the Home Army soldiers - Jerzy Zakrzewski a.k.a. "Młot" and Janusz Walendzik a.k.a. "Czarny".

the special guests - combatants, from the left: Jerzy Zakrzewski a.k.a. "Młot" and Janusz Walendzik a.k.a. "Czarny"

          They both fought in the City Centre and Wolanin the Home Army group "Chrobry II" of the 1st Battalion of the 3rd company of Lt. Zdunin. The platoon commander was Mirosław Biernacki a.k.a. "Generał" who was specialty remembered at the meeting with the youth during the second part of the educational game "Traces of the Warsaw Uprising".
          In the first part the registered five-person youth teams were supposed -after logging in at the website of the "Patriotic communication game" - to reach the memory placed in the area of our school, i.e. boards with plates and QR codes on.


          Each team drew a route with right places describing the events of the insurgent fights in Ochota in 1944. Next, with the application "QR Code Reader" installed in their smartphones, the participants were to scan codes in order to be able to answer questions related to particular memory places.

          For each right answer they got the equal number of points. The aim of the competition was to increase students' knowledge about the Home Army and memory places of Ochota. After performing tasks, the participants could eat specialty cooked pea-soup.
          Before the Winner received their awards, they met the combatants - Mr. Jerzy Zakrzewski a.k.a. "Młot" and Mr. Janusz Walendzik a.k.a. "Czarny".
          The members of the Home Army Association of the 4th district Ochota together with its chairman Władysława Marcinkiewicz as well as the members of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association with its chairman Maciej Białecki joined the event.

on the right side: Władysława Marcinkiewicz - of the Home Army Association of the 4th district Ochota

          Mr. Jerzy Zakrzewski a.k.a. "Młot", while giving thanks for the invitation, emphasized how important it is to continua this "generation relay". He expressed the wish: May Young people, by meeting combatants, the witnesses of the history, remember not only about them but also about their nation and realize how strong the young generation is.

Jerzy Zakrzewski a.k.a. "Młot"

                     Mr. Mirosław Biernacki a.k.a. "Generał", the Grey Regiments' soldier who died in the Uprising on August 30 sierpnia is still alive in the memory of Jerzy Zakrzewski as a great scout, a brave boy and a good organizer, who was very heroic despite his age of 16 only. While staying in a camp after the Uprising, Mr. Jerzy wrote a poem devoted to the memory of his friend, entitled "Elegia". He read the poem at the meeting.

          The second guest also shared his memories. Mr. Janusz Walendzik a.k.a. "Czarny" was only 14 when the Uprising broke out and like his older brother who was in the conspiracy Since the very beginning, Janusz could not help himself and had to fight, as well.

Janusz Walendzik a.k.a. "Czarny"

          As a soldier of the Grey Regiments he was given an important and responsible task - to keep contact between outposts of his company. As he said, "(...) it was very dangerous because I was on my legs All the time, under the bullets. But I survived and now I can meet young people (...). As his preceding speaker, Mr. Janusz Walendzik finished his memories with words that Young people can find nowhere what they can hear from the witnesses of the history. That is why they are invaluable to keep the historic memory among next generation of Polish people.
          The last part of the meeting was awarding the competition winners by Mr, Maciej Białecki, the SPPW 1944 chairman and Mr. Roman Marciniak, the headmaster of the 26th School Complex.

Maciej Białecki - the SPPW 1944 chairman

          The winners were the students of class I C of the 24th Technician School.

1st place winners

          The 2nd place for the team of the students from class IA of the 69th High school.

the 2nd place

          The 3rd place for the students from class I EG of the 24th Technician school.

the 3rd place

          All the winners were given commemorative diplomas and medals - golden ones for the 1st place winners and silver ones for the 2nd and 3rd place winners. The honorary guests also received medals.

          Medals with the symbol of Fighting Poland were designer by one of students and then printed on a 3D printer at our school. The winners also got Empik vouchers and books. The founders of these awards were: the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association, the Polish Underground State Foundation, the 26th School Complex and the Warsaw Uprising Museum.
          In the end the headmaster Mr. Roman Marciniak thanked the organizers, the guests and the young people for participation in such a valuable educational initiative i.e. "Traces of the Warsaw Uprising" and expressed his hope to continue that.

Roman Marciniak - headmaster of the 26th School Complex

          We congratulate the winners and give many thanks to All the participants to joint his educational game.

written by: Anetta Kubi¶

compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translation: Monika Ałasa

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