Christmas meeting of SPPW members 2019 - photo report

          December 16, 2019 is a date of a Christmas meeting of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance Association's members. Such a solemn meeting is annually organized in the exhibition room in the 22 Długa street.


          This time the SPPW members were accompanied by the invited guests: lieutenant colonel Zbigniew Galperyn - the first vice-chairman of the Warsaw Insurgents' Association, Mrs. Monika Sarnecka - member of the Warsaw Uprising Heroes' Remembrance Foundation Board, Mr. Przemysław D±bek - the Warsaw Insurgents Association's banner-bearer, and Mrs. Hanna Ważyńska whose late husband is Mr. Janusz Wałkuski, once SPPW member, who died in March 2019.


          The opening speech was given by the SPPW Chairman Mr. Maciej Białecki who heartedly welcomed everybody.
          Minute's silence followed, in honour of late Janina Małkowska, an active and praiseworthy SPPW member, who died on December 5, 2019.
          Mr. Maciej Białecki reminded us of the Association's initiatives in the year 2019. They were numerous, indeed: competitions, exhibitions, further editions of the "Notebooks of the Remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising", meetings called "The witnesses of the history" and new SPPW website content. The above-mentioned accomplishments are going to be continued in the next year.


          The SPPW Chairman read the Christmas wishes which had been sent from Lublin by Ms. Monika Ałasa and from Mińsk (Belarus) by Mrs. Katarzyna Charitonowa. Mrs. Maria Poprawa then greeted everybody from Mrs. Joanna Runge-Lissowska who had not been able to join the meeting on grounds of family duties.
          Wife of Mr. Janusz Wałkuski collected the memorial medal of the Association which had been given him thanks to his special merits for remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising. The widowed woman was visibly moved. She briefly reminded us of her late husband's deeds.


          Later on, all the present people shared the holy wafer. Both Christmas and New Year's wishes were warmhearted.



          Mrs. Izabela Białecka stroke up a carol "Silent Wight" with her beautiful soprano voice, making the others follow her. The beauty of Polish Christmas carols enriched the meeting.



          The guests, invited to minor refreshments, spent nice time on chatting and sparing memories. The friendly atmosphere was experienced by all the participants.


compiled by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

pictures taken by: Wiesław Antoniewicz
and Piotr ¦miłowicz

translated by: Monika Ałasa

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