The Foreigners in the Warsaw Uprising 1944

          I kindly invite you to read the material about a contribution of the foreigners to the Warsaw Uprising 1944. From the analysis of the documents it appears that, apart from the two main participants of the 9-week long struggle, Germans and Poles, over a dozen of the representatives of other nations took part in it.
          The knowledge about this topic resembles a jigsaw puzzle with some elements lost. It applies particularly to the foreigners fighting on the side of the insurgents. We often do not know their names, they sometimes did not have even pseudonyms, it is unknown where rest those who died.
          If after reading this an observant reader will claim that he or she has an additional knowledge about the events happening tens of years ago, please contact me. It is possible that together we will find at least one lost piece of the historical puzzle.

Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Maciej Liszewski

           German Collaborators
           Foreign Insurgents

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