Insurrectionary accounts of witnesses

The memories of Zbigniew Debski from the "Kilinsky" battalion

Zbigniew Debski
born on the 29th of November in 1922 in Lasin
Second Lieutenant of Home Army pseud."Zbych-Prawdzic"
the commander of the seventh unit of the third company "The Grey Ranks-Junior"
Home Army Battalion "Kilinsky "
prisoner number 298383

         We are requesting the pleasure of your company at learning about the war experiences of Zbigniew Debski pseud. "Zbych-Prawdzic," Home Army second lieutenant from the "Kilinsky" battalion. He took part in an underground activity from November 1939. During the Uprising he participated in the fighting for PAST. Having conquered it he hung a white and red flag on the roof-top. After the capitulation he got to the German prisoner camp. In 1948 he returned home. Awarded with the Cross of the Fifth Class Virtuti Military Order and three times with the Cross of Valour.

Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translation: Malgorzata Szyszkowska

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