First-hand accounts of the Warsaw Uprising

Memories of Janusz Hamerlinski - a soldier from "Kilinski" Battalion

Janusz Hamerlinski
born 2 July 1926 in Warsaw
private of Armia Krajowa (Home Army) - AK
alias "Morski"
III squad, 165 platoon,
"Szare Szeregi" Company
"Kilinski" Battalion

         Please read the war memoires of Janusz Hamerlinski, alias 'Morski', a soldier of 'Kilinski' AK Battalion. When the Uprising started he was 18 of age. He took part in fights in the city centre at the area of Napoleona Sq. (now named as Uprising Soldiers Square). After the surrender he left Warsaw and was taken prisoner of war only on 9 Oct. 1944, after performing duties in the AK Covering Battalion created to cover the Uprising POWs evacuation.
         He decided to write his story after many years, The typescript finished in 1983 was partly based on notes he had made in a POW camp and in June 1945.
         In 2010 his son Wojciech Hamerlinski after he had found The Association's website, sent the typescript of his long dead father to me.
         I hereby present the material after editing.

Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

                        Our Ways To Battalion 'Kilinski'
                              The Underground
                              Before The Action
                              The Start And The First Days...
                              In The Main Post Office
                              Soldier's Life
                              Special Operations
                              Last Days
                              Action Situation Plans of III Squad, 165 platoon, 'Szare Szeregi' Company

Translation: Wojciech Hamerlinski

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