Insurgent accounts of the witnesses

War Reminiscences of the nurse of the Scouts' battalion of the Home Army "Wigry" Barbara Gancarczyk-Piotrowska pseud. "Pajak" (=Spider)

Barbara Gancarczyk-Piotrowska,
born on the 18th of October 1923 in Warsaw
the nurse of the Home Army
pseud. "Pajak" (=spider)
the 2nd platoon of the assault company
Scouts' battalion of the Home Army "Wigry"

         We invite you to acquaint yourself with the war memories of Barbara Gancarczyk-Piotrowska pseud. "Pajak" (=spider).
         Native-born Varsovian, when the war broke out, she was only 16. Her biography resembles that of her peers: underground education, conspirational activity, participation in the Warsaw Uprising, captivity.
         As a nurse of the Scouts battalion of the Home Army "Wigry" she took part in the combat in the Old Town. After the downfall of the Old Town, she decided, of her own free will, to stay with severely injured soldiers who were left behind by the insurgent units retreating through the sewers.
         Deported by the Germans to a work camp, she escaped from it and after many tribulations returned to Warsaw in February 1945.
         For her exceptional heroism and courage she was decorated with the V class War Order of Virtuti Militari and with the Cross of Valour.

Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by Katarzyna Wiktoria Klag

                              The outbreak of war
                              The underground movement
                              The beginning of the Uprising
                              13 August - "The Black Sunday"
                              The struggles in the cathedral
                              7 Dluga Street
                              The last days of the Old Town
                              The attempt at breakdown and escape through the sewers
                              After the downfall of the Old Town
                              The camp and the escape
                              The return

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