Mural paintings

         The remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising 1944 has been cultivated in the Polish capital city in various ways. In Warsaw streets and on its squares one can see numerous monuments, whereas on house walls there are several hundred plaques dedicated to this historic event. In many Warsaw churches such plaques are to be found, as well; in few there were installed beautiful stained glass windows that memorize the Uprising.
         Another way of commemoration is the one called mural paintings. A mural is a painting, usually a large one, done on a wall, also an outsider wall of a building. It belongs to the Street Art type. Colourful murals make grey, plain walls of buildings and fences look vivid. Some have an impressive area of tens square meters, which means the artists have to use special scaffoldings to do them.
         You can find the mural paintings dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising 1944 in lots of places in different districts of Warsaw. We can divide the above-mentioned into those created by professional graphic designers and those that were done on the fly by amateurs. The latter are believed by some people to be pseudo-art. Each mural, nevertheless, is filled with a big amount of emotion as each concerns the painful but significant event of the Polish past. In other words, each mural seems to scream, either directly or indirectly, "We remember."
         As far as we know, Uprising-themed murals are being built also outside Warsaw, even abroad.
         Some mural paintings are done very neatly and in a professional way, by means of lasting materials. Other ones can last for no more than few months. Some have their patrons, i.e. the authorities of particular districts, who support the performers financially. They also help to organize their activity. Other murals are painted in the initiative of both the habitants and the supporters of the Warsaw sports clubs.
         Due to their impermanence, it is worth to take photographs of the murals in order to save them from being easily forgotten. On our website we will try to do it systematically. We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the collection. If you know about the Uprising-themed murals that have not been presented here, and can share the details, please contact us via e-mail.

written by: Maciej Janaszek-Seydlitz

translated by: Monika Ałasa

                     Skalbmierska 7 - Bielany district

                     Zajączka 15 - Żoliborz district

                     Drewniana 8 - Powiśle district

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